Devil's Lake is a karst lake located in the Lovia Mountains. With an area of 700 square meters, it is the largest karst lake in the country. The lake has 20 m in diameter and a maximum depth between 9 and 12 m.

This beautiful place belongs to the town of Sasca Montană of Caraș-Severin county.

The lake is situated at the beginning of Nera Gorges, on the left bank of the river Nera, at an altitude of 499m. The lake, along with the cave at whose entrance is located, is considered a natural monument and is part of the National Park Nera Gorges - Beușnița.

What it is now a surface lake was once an underground lake. It appeared when a ceiling piece of the caves of Devil's Lake collapsed.

The beauty of this place is given by the surreal colors of it's waters. It has a green-blue color that changes with the colors of the sky which reflect in it.Part of the lake is surrounded by trees whose leaves sometimes fall in the water.

The lake does not reveal itself from the beginning. At first you glance the water through the tree trunks. But once you get at the edge the view it is wonderful. From here you can descend and get near the surface of the water.


It is said that one day an old shepard was walking his goats on a meadow by the lake. At one point a strange little man appears and wagers the old man to roast a fish without bending the fish. The shepherd accepts, provided that the strange man could roast a goat's head in such a way that the teeth of the goat won't show.

So the shepherd takes a fish, sticks a stick into it and roasts it without bending the fish. The Devil takes the goat head, tying it well, but when he starts frying it its teeth show. Angry for losing, the strange man, revealed as the devil, throws himself in the lake. Since then the name of Devil's Lake.

The local people also say that the lake has no bottom and that it has many underground tunnels, and, if someone dares to bathe in it, he will not see another day.