On Bucium hill, protected by vineyards and orchards, you can find the small monastery of Bucium. The church has a very intimate air that invites you to embrace her with your soul. The green roof makes it even more a part of the surrounding nature , somehow linking heaven to earth. The road from the main road to the monastery gives you the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful view of Iasi.

The monastery is a monks monastery, founded by the hieromonks Nifon and Nectarie in 1863. The settlement includes the church, guest house, home trapezar. Byzantine painting workshop, sanctum, wine store and carpentry workshop.


Here the icon of the Virgin Mary - Prodromita, which currently is Mount Athos, was painted. The legend says it was miraculously painted in 1863. Thus it is that the founders have hired a old painter to achieve an image that was to be made Prodomu gift hermitage. The old man painted the icon in fasting and prayer but could not paint the face of Virgin Mary. He covered the painting with a cloth and went to pray. When he returned he saw that the painting was completed.


Reach her by Bucium Road (near Iasi and Vaslui Naţitonal Road) . Address : Strada Paun nr. 14

GPS coordinates : N 47.11361964841452 E 27.63885372366485