Another important monument to visit in Iasi is Dosoftei House. You can do this when visiting church St. Nicholas, the two buildings being side by side.

The house has three facades with arched windows and open porch with tall columns. It is an old massive stone building in the vicinity of Church St. Nicholas.

Dosoftei House is called like this after the Dosoftei archbishop (1624-1693), a renowned scholar of Moldova. In front of the house is a statue of him.

The archbisop of Dosofta dedicated his life to translating religious books in Romanian language, thus contributing to the formation of the Romanian literary language. He is the one who translated "Psalms" in Romanian.

Apparently the house was built in the eighteenth - century during Lapusneanu reign, but the exact year is not certain. Archaeological excavations showed that it was build on the old cemetery that belonged to St. Nicholas church.

It was originally part of the northern wall of the Church of St. Nicholas. The enclosure wall is preserved today in part, on the south-eastern part of the church and into the wall of this house.

Here was the second printing press in Iasi, after the one at Three Hierarchs. Here is were for the first time something of printed in Romanian language.

Since 1970, the house is the place of the ancient literature department of Romanian Literature Museum in Iasi.

The interior is divided into four rooms on two levels, two on each level.

The exhibits in the museum are arranged in such a way that it aims to show you the development of old Romanian literature in Iasi.

Here unique exhibits can be found, rare books, religious objects, old manuscripts, a copy of the Chronicle of Moldova by Grigore Ureche and a layout printing press from the archbispo time.

The exposed objects reveal the early literature in Slavonic, the era of miniature and art calligraphy and the beginnings of printing in Iasi.

In 2004, the beautiful "Dosoftei House" was included on the "List of Historical Monuments" in Iaşi County.

Useful information

The museum can be visited from Tuesday to Sunday between 10.00 -17.00

The entrance ticket is 3 lei lei for adults and 2 for students.

If you want to take pictures another 10 lei shall be paid.

The address is Str. Anastasie Panu nr 4