Once in Iasi one of the landmarks that you must not miss is one of the few city churches of Stephen the Great, Princely Saint Nicholas Church.

It is also the oldest church in the city, the original construction was built between 1491-1492. Its age and the numerous fires and earthquakes that had come ruined it, so that the church we see today is a reconstruction of the old model. The new one It is built between 1888-1904 under Charles I.

A first restoration takes place in 1676 by Anthony Ruset. He adds two altars so that simultaneously the liturgy was held in three languages: Greek, Slavic and Romanian.

In this church rulers of Moldavia were anointed and goes to call it "Court Church " or "Royal coronation Cathedral".

One of the few original pieces that are still preserved in the new sanctuary is the inscription written in Slavonic by Stephen the Great. It was discovered in the churchyard and is embedded in the brickwork of the church in 1929.


Str. Panu Anastasie 65