Once inside the small wooden door you get into another world. A world where everything is peaceful and more settled. A world where children ran barefoot on the street, were tired men and women return whistling from the field work. Everything seems alive as if all the breath village would have gone to celebrate something.

All this dream lasts for an hour or so, the time it takes to visit the museum, but nothing stops you take with you the tranquility found in the small village of Bucovina.


Built on an area of 6 hectares, the museum attempts to reconstruct a traditional village in Bucovina.

During the visit we can see the Church, craftsmen workshops, pub, households, mill, all aimed to reproduce as accurately as posible the life in a Bucovina village. For more authenticity in a few houses they have the staged the rituals of birth, marriage and burial using mannequins and audio recordings. All homes are fully furnished by specific area and period of which the house was build.

The land on which the museum is situated is crossed by a creek and on that valley a mill and other facilities were arranged.

The first stop is where else than at the village pub, where the men of the village gather for the latest news, among other things. Saru Dornei pub is an atypical building having five rooms and a porch. It dates from the early XXth century. Next is a pottery from the village Marginea, then the wheat and corn mill wheel powered by buckets of water. We have the forge with the necessary tools, the Church and bell tower from Vama. A specific building of the village Satu Mare is "puia de sumane" which served to shoving tailoring fabrics of wool for clothing. A house that will give you the creeps is the Cacica home wherea funeral is staged and mourners song sounds you can hear from faraway.

The museum is also the home of many folk events for locals and tourists, as well as craftsmen fairs, art camps for children and performances with traditional flair.


Period 15.10 - 15.04 (Winter)

Monday - Friday: 8:30 to 3:30 p.m. | Saturday - Sunday: closed

The museum can be visited during the week-end, but this can only be done by appointment (at least 48 hours in advance) for groups larger than 15 people, telephone number: 0230/216439.

Period 15.04 - 15.10 (Summer)

Tuesday - Sunday: 10:00 to 6:00 p.m. | Monday: closed


For permanent exhibition

Adults: 6 lei / person

Children group: 1.5 lei / person

Photo fee

5 lei / hour

Address and location

Alley Fortress, Suceava, Suceava County