In the heart of the forest, on the side of the Vitau river, with a chisel, Daniil digs in the rock of the mountain a place for him to pray and serve. Tradition says that the hermit Daniil lived here for 20 years fasting and praying. All these years common people and even clergy visit him for advice.

Who was Daniil the Hermit

Dimitrie Bolintineanu describes Daniel the Hermit as a good adviser and confessor of Stephan the Great. At the urging of Daniil the ruler build's Putna monastery. Their relationship began in 1451 when, Stephan visited him on his hermit, after the assassination of his father Bogdan II,. Daniil prophesies that Stephan will become the ruler of Moldavia, which is happening seven years later.

Daniil, on hisgiven name Dumitru, was born near Radauti. He became a monk at age 16, and later on a priest. After a while, assaulted by the crowd of believers who were seeking him, he becomes a hermit and retiring at Putna, near the stream Vitau. Here he digs a cell in stone, working on it for three years.

In 1470 he retires at Voronet where will die in 1496. He was buried in Voronet. On the tombstone, made at the desire of Stephen the Great you can read: "This is the tomb of our father David, Daniel monk".

He was considered a saint during his lifetime, healing the sick, casting out demons and relieving suffering. He was canonized by the Romanian Orthodox Church in 1992.

His cell was included in the list of historical monuments from Suceava county since 2004.